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The University of Tokyo, Japan




The University of Tokyo, is a world-renowned research-oriented comprehensive university headquartered in Bunkyo ku, Tokyo, Japan. As the highest academic hall in Japan and the leader of seven former imperial universities, it enjoys a high reputation worldwide.
The University of Tokyo was born in 1877 and was formed by the merger and reorganization of Tokyo Kaisei School and Tokyo Medical School during the Meiji Restoration. It initially established four faculties of law, science, literature, and medicine, as well as a preparatory school for universities. It was Japan's first national comprehensive university and one of the earliest Western style universities in Asia. Some of its faculties can be traced back to the reign of Emperor Reimu, as a direct product of the impact of capitalist civilization, The University of Tokyo holds a significant historical position in Japanese society. The school was renamed Imperial University in 1886, which was also the first Imperial University established in Japan; In 1897, it was renamed "Tokyo Imperial Univesity" to distiish it from the Kyoto Imperial University established in Kyoto in the same year; In September 1947, after World War II, it was officially named the University of Tokyo.


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