AIBC 2022

The AIBC 2022 was successfully held during Feb 24-26, 2022, and due to the Covid-19, this conference was held on line by ZOOM.  Prof. Chin-Chen Chang from Feng Chia University did the opening address. During the conference, Prof. Qiangfu Zhao from University of Aizu, Japan, Prof. Chin-Chen Chang from Feng Chia University, Prof. Tatsuya Yamazaki from Niigata University, Japan and Prof. Sergei Gorlatch from University of Muenster, Germany have given wonderful keynote speeches.

1. Conference photos

Group Photo


Keynote Speeches



2. Best Presentations

AB0008 : The Composable Finance Mosaic Bridge and Liquidity Forecasting
Panos Tsilifis, Advanced Blockchain, Germany





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